The cycling routes and the Le P’tit Train du Nord cycle path are now open. Please respect the hygiene measures in place. For more information, visit the web site :

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About GPS Files

What are GPX/TCX/KML files?

  1. GPX Route (.gpx) This file provides the directions (navigation) to follow and not the complete route. Useful for the Garmin 205, 305 and 500 models.
  2. GPX Track (.gpx) Useful for GPS. Does not provide directions, only waypoint information. It will provide directions for the Edge 605 and 705 models, but without any personalized data.
  3. Garmin Training Center (.tcx) The best format for navigating with the Edge 500 . It will provide true navigation with directions for the Edge 800, including personalized data. Perfect for training.
  4. Google Earth (.kml) Format introduced by Google, mostly used for Google Earth.

Regional Trails

GPS and technical information